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What is the Paparazzi Premiere App?

Paparazzi Premiere (powered by Wayro) is a mobile app that enables Paparazzi Consultants to meet customers wherever they are and make sales through multiple channels, all while tracking customer data and retail receipts.

Paparazzi Premiere streamlines the process of getting the irresistible accessories you have in your inventory to those who crave them. This hub will relieve the stress of navigating multiple programs in order to fulfill your customers’ orders, by seamlessly integrating processes for inventory management, invoicing, and shipping.

Paparazzi Premiere integrates with your Back Office, letting you import inventory from your order history with the click of a button. It also allows you to create your own virtual storefront, where customers can shop your personal inventory. Need to generate invoices from your last party? You can do that — and collect payment — all within Paparazzi Premiere. This is a game changer!

Curious to see how Paparazzi Premiere works? Click here to learn more.

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