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Paparazzi Accessories Customers FAQs

These are some of the most common questions we get from our awesome Paparazzi Accessories customers.

How can I get a Paparazzi jewelry catalog?

Paparazzi does not have catalogs. Thank goodness! That means you always have access to the newest items right as Paparazzi releases them. No need to wait for a catalog. You can shop the newest items directly from Paparazzi by clicking here.

Paparazzi comes out with new inventory almost every day. Plus once something sells out it is gone. Because of this, it would be hard to keep a catalog current.

You can also shop my large selection of new and vintage Paparazzi pieces in my online shop here.

What metal is Paparazzi jewelry made from? Is it hypoallergenic? 

All Paparazzi Accessories meet applicable consumer safety laws and regulations in the United States. 

The metals found in Paparazzi Accessories pieces are primarily iron and include other trace minerals. Those trace minerals are made up of a metallic alloy of either zinc, steel, or aluminum. Before our jewelry is sold, Paparazzi tests its jewelry for chemicals of concern using labs that are accepted by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission.  

Paparazzi Accessories are not hypo-allergenic.

Ordering Paparazzi Jewelry

How much is shipping on the Paparazzi website?

As Paparazzi Accessories customers, when you order jewelry directly from Paparazzi, you will have a flat rate shipping fee of just $5.95.  If your order is $100 or more, then shipping is FREE.

The shipping rate will be different when you order directly from a Paparazzi consultant. For instance, my shipping rate is only $5. But you receive FREE shipping when your order is over $50 on my online shop.

When will I receive my shipment from Paparazzi?

It really depends on how close you live to Utah. Paparazzi can take up to 3 business days to process and ship your order. FedEx may then take up to 3 business days to get it to you. 

What is the Paparazzi Accessories Customers return policy?

As Paparazzi customers, when you buy something directly through my Paparazzi replicated website, you can return items to Paparazzi within 10 business days from when it is delivered. Contact Paparazzi Customer Support at (855) 697-2727. They will give you instructions on how to return the item(s).

How do I order from the Paparazzi Website?

To order from Paparazzi website go here:

What about when I order directly from a Paparazzi Consultant?

Each consultant has their own Return Policy. Mine is below:

Want more info? Click here to Contact Me. 

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